[Installation] Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Step 1:

Take out the included wet & dry wipes

Step 2:

Clean the phone screen with (#1) wet wipe

Step 3:

Dry phone screen with (#2) dry wipe

Step 4:

If needed, use the included "Dust Absorber" or "Guide" sticker to remove any remaining dust on screen

Step 5:

Peel off the plastic film on back of the screen protector to reveal the adhesive side. Be sure to hold the screen protector by the edges so no fingerprints are left on the adhesive side

Step 6:

Carefully align the screen protector to phone screen and slowly lay the adhesive side down. Let the screen protector adhere itself. Lightly pressing the center of the screen protector and sliding your finger across the screen can help with the adhesion

Step 7:

If there are any bubbles remaining, gently push them out toward the edges of the screen protector

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